11 May, 2019

I have always written and not too many people know this. I‘ve written love letters, break up emails, meaningful phrases in my agenda to name a few. I even wrote a novel when I was 13 that made some of my friends cry (a love story that I still keep somewhere in the depths of my computer). I write when I’m angry but also when I’m inspired. Sometimes I throw my notes straight away after I finish (yes, I still write on paper). Sometimes I share them with someone and sometimes I just keep them for myself as a reminder. Words are powerful and the simple act of writing kinda makes me feel powerful too cause I don’t miss a single thing I wanna say. I can finally put out there my thoughts, literally take them out of my mind, take some distance and end up in conclusions. Words can hurt and can heal; and can also make us grow and move on. Isn’t that liberating? That’s what my Manifesto series are about.