16 May, 2019

I hate moles. Everytime I confess this, people tend to get nervous as if I was saying “I hate YOU” but it’s not personal at all, you can have hundreds of moles and I will still like you lol I guess it’s because I have them all over my body (plus freckles!). I got a few removed when I was a teenager just because I thought they were horrible and people would stare at them (never ever happened). I stopped wearing certain clothes cause I didn’t want them to be seen. I made up a different word for it even uglier than the actual word and all my friends would know exactly what I was talking about: pororó. It became so popular that they started calling it that way too! On the other hand, I have always liked my freckles. And I love them even more when my skin gets tanned cause they stand out of my face, giving me personality. Now, even though I still don’t like moles, I don’t care anymore. Cause in the whole, I love myself as I am with my too white skin, my moles, childhood scars and everything. I love the fact that skin can talk about us without speaking. Our skin can tell stories.

That being said, here’s a pic of my original poster series on ink with my favorite loved/hated mole: that little one next to my thumb.