«The practice of embroidering implies patience and discipline, and it could even be thought as a meditative act.

Through it I translate my ideas and reflections. In its repetitive movement, I question my constructed ideas and I also exercise new ones.Inspired by Mexican embroidery and the precolombine textile tradition, research on its historical uses and transformations are fundamental to my practice challenging the relationship between the traditional and the contemporary.»

Each artwork has a story to tell

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The Nymphea series is a homage to Claude Monet's waterlilies. It is because of him that I have always wanted to be an artist: in a child's world, imagination is reality. Nymphea represents a deconstructed interpretation which enhances the beauty of raw...


I have always written and not too many people know this. I‘ve written love letters, break up emails, meaningful phrases in my agenda to name a few. I even wrote a novel when I was 13 that made some of my friends cry...


“I took a dot for a walk” said once Paul Klee. Triggered by that, I started a sensitive exploration of lines and subtlety reflecting my own decisions as a human.tlety reflecting my own decisions as a human. I believe that the universe will give you...

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Carla Freschi is a latin american female artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Freschi’s artwork addresses topics such as intuition, beauty of imperfection, love and nature through a minimalist aesthetic. Exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions, her work is held in private collections around the world including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Australia and the United States to name a few.

With a background in fashion design, Carla aims to combine her passion for art and her knowledge of natural fibers within the context of contemporary art.

She currently works from her home studio in Buenos Aires.

Some of Carla’s latest artworks

Cosmos, 2020

60x45cm | 23x17in.
hand embroidery on linen

Doodle, 2020

100x70cm | 39x27.5in
hand embroidery on linen

Shodō, 2020

60x45cm | 23x17in
hand embroidery on linen

Tomoni, 2020

60x45cm | 23x17in
hand embroidery on linen

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